Mangal dosh ke lakshan

अनन्त कालसर्प दोष के लक्षण || Anant Kaal Sarp Dosh Ke Lakshan

Sthan Pratapgarh u. Hai kripa kar kar ke bataye ki meri kumdali me mangal yog hai ki nahi yadi hai to kaise, nahi hai to savistar batane ki kripa kare.

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Kyoki mai bahut brahmit hu kai jyotishio se poocha par ve apni bhinn bhinn ray deta hai. It is one important criterion for marriage matching in Hindu astrology. It is believed to be devastating for marriage, causing discomfort and tension, separation, divorce, and in some cases, it is believed to cause untimely death of one spouse.

mangal dosh ke lakshan

Please tell me about my future, like job, marriage and money. Namste pandit ji mera nam priyanka patel hai aur meri date of birth h 14december aur time rat me 10bje hme ye puchna h ki hme job kis field me milegi aur kb tk milegi pls jaldi btaiyega pandit ji qki hme job ki bhot jarurt h Sir ji mera nam rohit hai.

DOB 30 Jan Mere Carrier ke bare mai bataye muje naukary mai yesh hai ya vyavsay mai. Birth time 3: 20 am pune baramathi our mera jivan sathi kaisa honga. Our mera future kaisa rahenga plz bataye. Pranam pandit ji. Mai aapse ye jaanna cahhta hu ki meri saadi agle varsh kis month me hogi or jisse meri saadi hogi wo sundar hogi ya nahi.

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Uska behaviour ya nature kaisa hoga kya hum dono ki marriage life acche se bitegi kya hum dono me khub patega ya nahi. Or wo jayada padhi likhi hogi ya nahi or mera sasural kaisa hoga pariwar ke log kaise honge.

Mere sasural wale aamir honge ya garib. Or bacche kaise honge acche ya bure dikhne me sundar honge ya nahi. Mai ye bhi jaanna cahhta hu ki mera future kaisa hoga mere paas khoob paise honge ya nahi. Mera buisness kaisa hoga mai amir rahunga ya garib.

मंगल दोष क्या होता है इसके लक्षण और उपाय - Manglik Dosh Kya Hota Hai, Lakshan Aur Nivaran

Kripa karke mere in sare prasno ka uttar jarur de or jaldi de pandit ji. Or jo bhi uttar de pure vistar ke sath de. Kyuki mujhe aappar bahut bharosa hai pandit ji. Time PM. Janmsthan patna bihar.What is shani dosha and symptoms of shani dosha. Know what happens in sade sati, one of the types of shani dosha.

Knowing about sade sati phases and its effects. Lord Shani is referred to planet Saturn. It is one of the Navagraha in Hindu astrology. Shani is a male deity, born to Surya Dev and Goddess Chhaya.

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SHani Dev is often depicted as a handsome dark black figure carrying a sword and sitting on a buffalo or crow or vulture. Lord Shani is charged with the duty of preserving dharma. In vedic astrology, shani dosha refers to the malefic effect of shani planet. Sade-Sati is the most prominent one. It is one of the most feared astrological phases in Indian astrology. It is often said to be a period of challenges and troubles. Before understanding Shani Dosha, you must understand the aspects of the Saturn planet.

As it the slowest planet, the Saturn completes its one revolution in its orbit by taking the time of 29 years and 5 months. During the path it stays at 12 turns of horoscope signs for some specific periods. If calculated, Saturn stays in each zodiac for 2 years and 5 months.

This duration is believed to produce delays and create problems. It is the period when Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st and 2nd Houses from Janma Rasi. Sade Sati occurs twice or thrice depending on the life span of a person. Each cycle has a different effect on the native. For example, one can construct a new home, buy a new property, change the occupation or place, marriage, foreign trip and various family functions.

mangal dosh ke lakshan

It is comparatively less harmful. In simple terms, Sade Sati is staying of planet Saturn in three houses or zodiacs for whole 7 years and 5 months.

It has a major impacts on the said person is said to bring degrading effects throughout the period. This phase starts with the entrance of Saturn in the 12th House in the horoscope, in the sign just previous to the moon sign.

It is then followed by its residing in the moon sign or 1st House or Ascendant. It ends with Saturn entering and staying in the sign next to the moon sign.

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mangal dosh ke lakshan

New releases. Add to Wishlist. This app is all about pitra dosh. From this app you can know that how to keep away from pitra dosh and what to do for solve pitra dosh problem. You can know importance of your pitra from this app. You can know what is symptoms of pitra dosh and its upay.

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Meenakshi sharma D. Nakshatra aur rashi dono alag h, aur charan bhed k baare me pata nai, lekin naadi dosh h, to kaise hatae use? Hamari kundli main 11 gun mile h or naadi dosh bhi h please koi upay bataye. Sumit Gautam dob time am Chandigarh Astha kaushik dob time am sonipat. Don't trust Go with your heart All way all couple find problem And problem has more than Soluation If all OK in both kundli, but national and personal economy and nature effect your Life.

M y A strology S igns. Solution of nadi dosh kya nadi dosh me shadi karni chahiye Astrologer praveen Send me your email and i will send you the detail report. Boy Nishant Dob Time 3.

What Is Shani Sade Sati Dosha – What Happens In Sade Sati

Priyanka sharma 8july pm himachal pradesh renuka ji Arvind sharma 19march am himachal pradesh shilai. Ni9 si6 1n ni9 4or ni9 4or 9in 9in 0ro Call me. Nadi dosh me shadi krni chahiy Ki nh shadi ke bhad ky problem ati h. Those may interest you: Kya nadi dosh me sad Karni chahiye ager love marriage Hai aur nadi dosh Hai About manglik and nadi dosh.

Manglik and Nadi dosh creating problem in my love marriage. Sir mere case mai rashi alag h nakshatra charan pad sab alag h. Those may interest you: Nadi Dosh and Married Life. But Antya Nadi Dosh.

Please Help. Nadi Dosh In Love Marriage. Sir plz tell me nadi dosh se kuch problem hoga kya marriage ke badme. Plz check compatibility and tell me the solution for bhakut and nadi dosh.

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give the solution of solving madhyan nadi dosh plzzzzzzz Me and my would be wife have antya nadi dosh. Will nadi dosh be a risk of ou Solution for neutralizing nadi dosh. My marriage is fixed but we are having nadi problem what is Nadi dosh Antya Nadi.

Nadi dosh. Could u please help me with remidees of bhakut dosh and nadi dosh antySun as a planet has been given a special significance in vedic astrology. It is considered to be the king of all planets in Vedic astrology and lord of all planets in Laal Kitaab. Sun possess all the good qualities and is believed to be stable in nature. It is a dominating planet.

Mangal Dosha • Effects & Characteristics of Mangliks

People infliuenced by Sun are highly aggressive, intense and possess great self-respect. It gives determination, willpower and makes the person visionary. A weak Sun in a horoscope makes the person egoistic and aggressive. Such a person loses his temper in small issues. An inauspicious Sun also makes the person harsh, and the person is not able to understand and feel the sentiments of others. An inauspicious Sun causes weakness, mental disturbance, heart problems and eye disorders.

According to Laal Kitaab, a strong Sun provides royalty and high position in the society. In this webcast we will discuss about the signs of an inauspicious Sun and its remedies. The body parts of a person become loose and limping due to an inauspicious Sun leaving the body weak and tired.

This prevents the body parts from functioning properly. Sun is considered to be the Karak of bones. Therefore, a weak or an inauspicious Sun causes ailments related to bones, making them weak. A person with an inauspicious Sun suffers from eye disorders such as blurred vision, cataract etc. The unfavourable effects of the sun might trap a person in illegal activities.

mangal dosh ke lakshan

You may have to deal with stealing or punishment. Obstacles in government related tasks may be brought about by the inauspicious effects of the Sun. One has to put in several efforts to get his work done through government officials of high posts. An inauspicious Sun might be the cause of disputes in a relationship between father and son.

Benefits of Sun can be gained by setting jaggery afloat in water for days. Do not leave it in still waters. To receive auspicious results from the Sun, items related to it such as wheat, jaggery and copper should be donated every Sunday. To pacify the ill-effects of an inauspicious Sun one should donate articles related to the moon such as silver, rice, white clothes etc. Consistent chanting of Gayatri Mantra is highly beneficial to make the Sun favourable. The positive energy emitted by chanting this mantra will help you in increasing the auspicious effects of Sun.

Sleep with moon items beside your pillow and donate them in the morning to reduce the negative effects of an inauspicious Sun. Protection against the effects of a weak and inauspicious Sun can be provided by reciting Aditya Hridya Strota.

As a remedy for a weak Sun, set afloat a copper coin in a flowing river. This will also help in gaining benefits and reducing the effects of an inauspicious Sun.K Gupta. Hello sir and mem M parmod Kumar. Hello mera name sameer he meri age 31 year he Mera problem ye he ….

Akele me beth kar sab plan banate regta hu Doctor told me tumhara mansik problem he physical nahi I m not able to perform in my personal life Koi madecine course ho to muze suggest kijiye plz help me out in this Thanks. Hello mam meri mother ko bhi 12 year se mental problem hai hmare badhe bhai ki death ki bad unki think an behaiviour bchcho jaisa ho gya hai aur vo akele hi bate krti rhti hm kis psychologist ke pas jay plzz help me.

Par advise dena maam plz. Hello mam ji meri umar 24 year ki hai mujhe bachpan se kuch log mandbuddhi kahte the lekin maine dhyan ab diya hai ki mere dimag me bahut tarike ke vichar aate rahte hai mere na chahte hue bhi aur mai bhoolta bhi normal se jyada hu.

Mem mujhe mansik problem feel ho rahe h actuly me hamesha chidchida rahta hu ,nind nahe ati rat ko,kisi cheez ke baare samjh nahe pata ya samjhne me time lagta h. Mental Health. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. Seema Gautam. Pramod Ji, Aapko reply e-mail kar diya gaya hai. HBT Team. Deepjyoti mahatvan. Jetha Ram.

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